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Chronographs for Airsoft FPS

Airsoft chronographs are used to measure the Feet Per Second (FPS) and Metres Per Second (MPS) of your airsoft gun. From varying brands like Emerson Gear and the renowned Xcortech, our airsoft chronographs are compact and portable for site and home use. Including the all-in-one airsoft tracer/chrono combos by Xcortech and G&G.

It is important to understand the FPS of your airsoft gun the purposes of UK legislation with regard to airsoft guns as firearms. Whether you just want to make sure you’re prepared before a game day or you’re and avid technician that’s just installed some fresh upgrade parts, each chronograph has it’s own unique features for every player.

Check out our FPS Calculator for help with choosing the right airsoft BBs for your gun to ensure the highest possible performance from your airsoft gun