Airsoft Grenades & Pyros

Airsoft Smoke Grenades, Thunderflashes & Reusable Blank Firing Grenades (BFG)

Browse our large selection of airsoft grenades and pyrotechnics. We offer various types, including disposable MK5 thunderflashes, smoke grenades, and reusable blank firing grenades – all useful tools for airsoft skirmish games!

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Airsoft Grenades And Pyrotechnics

Here at Socom Tactical, we have a range of high-quality pyrotechnics, smoke grenades and blank firing grenades. We have the highest level of confidence in our products and have thoroughly tested them.

Whatever you need for your day airsofting, Socom is likely to have everything you need!

Smoke Grenades

We have both Enola Gaye, Cloud 9 and now Black Cat smoke grenades, and each provides great concealment. The Cloud 9 smoke grenades are friction strikes and come in multiple colours.

The Enola Gaye and Black Cat smoke grenades are wire pull and also come in a variety of colours.

We have different output times and sizes for each brand of smoke grenade, so you will be able to find the ideal one for you.


Our wide range of disposable pyro will provide you with everything you need for an explosive day of airsoft. We have Cloud 9, Enola Gaye and TLSFX MK5 thunderflashes, which are friction-ignited and create a good bang.

We also have Cloud 9 and Enola Gaye ball grenades, which not only go bang but also spray pellets out as they go off. We have Enola Gaye Flash 3.0, which is a fantastic distraction device and gives great results upon detonation. You can also buy TLSFX 38mm mortar single bang rounds and thermobaric single and multi bang grenades.

For those of you looking for remote detonators, we have products for you too. We have single and multiple remote detonator units and MK3 pyros to work with them.

Blank Firing Grenades (BFGs)

We mainly stock blank firing grenades from Dynatex, including their Dominator impact grenade, Original timed grenade and the new 6209 multishot impact grenade for the ultimate tactical advantage. They all use .209 primer blanks for easier use and more efficient, cost-effective use.

TAG Innovations

We have TAG launcher moscarts and a selection of projectiles for you to use. TAG Innovations bring you a whole new level of realism when it comes to the use of grenade launchers in airsoft, and they are great fun to use.

Select either the timed exploding reaper TAG rounds or the dummy TAG rounds

Grenade & Pyro Accessories

We have a wide range of accessories, including pouches, adapters, pyro strikers and spare parts for your pyrotechnics and blank firing grenades.

Bulk Discounts on Pyrotechnics

We offer bulk discounts on most of our pyrotechnic products to offer you the best price possible when buying a large amount at a time. Each discount is listed on the product.