Airsoft Batteries for guns and scopes

Everyone needs them be it for your Airsoft gun or airsoft scope! We have a large selection of gun batteries at various voltages including 7.4v 8.6v 9.6v and 11.1v in multiple styles including crane stock and stick type. Check out our range below to pick your new high-quality airsoft battery.

Airsoft Batteries For Guns And Scopes

Gun batteries

We have a wide range of batteries for your airsoft guns. We have nimh, Li-Fe, Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries. We have varying voltage and mah for our batteries, as well as different sizes so you’re bound to find the perfect battery for running your gun.

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Scope, torch and sight batteries

Being mid firefight and finding your sight, torch or other accessory has run out of power is never fun. So always be prepared by stocking up on those essential batteries. We have a great range of batteries for your scopes, sights, torches and other accessories. We’re sure you’ll find the batteries you’re after.

Battery checkers and accessories

We also have a good selection of battery checkers so you can always be sure your battery is working and is charged. We also have accessories for storing your batteries, for holding batteries to guns and for keeping batteries for your accessories organised and safe.

If you are unsure which airsoft battery you require for your airsoft gun please get in touch. We will be able to help guide you through if you need NIMH, Li-Po, LI-FE or Li-ION and which connector and Voltage you require.

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