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Guarder Version 6 tappet plate for P90 and Thompson Reinforced tappet plate for P90 and Thompson series AEG


High quality self lubricating resin designed to be the best of the best on TM recoil upgrades. Specifically designed to fit: NextGen Recoil M4A1 Socom NextGen Recoil M4A1 SOPMOD NextGen Recoil CQB/R NextGen Recoil Recce Rifle NextGen Recoil SCAR-L NextGen Recoil SCAR-H NextGen Recoil HK416-D NextGen Recoil HK416-Devgru NextGen Recoil HK416 Delta-Custom NextGen Recoil HK417 [...]


A reliable replacement for your old version 2 gearbox tappet plates.


FEATURES: SHS polycarbonate tappet plate. Essential part for upgrading your airsoft electric gun AEG. Built from reinforced material for performance and durability. Replacement of stock tappet plate. To build a tight & durable gearbox. Suitable for AEG gearbox Ver.3.


– Material?POM — Blue colour Fits V7 Gear box m14 etc

£8.00 £4.80

A high performance tappet plate for version 3 gearboxes.


A high-quality tappet plate for version 2 airsoft gearboxes, made from injection moulded ABS.