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Keep your battery juiced up with our airsoft battery chargers! Our range includes smart airsoft chargers, mini chargers and touchscreen chargers from brands like Vapex and Oper8. Take your pick from our range today.

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Airsoft Battery Chargers from Oper8, Vapex, Gens Ace & More

Our selection of chargers will ensure you get maximum performance from your airsoft gun batteries without worrying about damaging them. In our range, you’ll find everything from basic plug-and-play chargers to high-tech smart chargers that can charge multiple airsoft batteries at once.

Airsoft Smart Chargers for Top Performance

If you use NiMh batteries, our Vapex 500m NiMh Smart Charger is an ideal addition to your kit. One of the best things about this charger is that it’s cross-compatible with Nickel Cadmium cells, too and uses an internal MPU to automatically recognise batteries and cut off when they’re fully charged.

Another great smart charger choice is the GensAce Imars II Pro Smart Balance Charger. This super versatile battery charger can be used to charge batteries for your airsoft equipment, car, and FPV batteries and has a 100V-240V voltage range. You can also switch between charging, battery check, and system setting modes to get the most out of the charger.

Our Essential Airsoft Battery Charger Accessories

Airsoft chargers sometimes need additional parts and accessories to keep them functioning. Our Mains Kettle Power Lead is a simple three-prong plug that can be used with basic airsoft chargers.

If your charger has a figure-8 plug, you can’t go wrong with our Mains Figure-8 Power Lead. This charger is compatible with the Turnigy Accucel 6 power supply charger.

Shop our range of battery chargers to keep your airsoft batteries charged and ready to go when you need them.

How to Use & Program Your IMAX or Turnigy Charger


A basic plug-and-play charger provides a constant charge until manually disconnected, which can lead to overcharging if not monitored. On the other hand, a smart charger intelligently recognises when the battery is fully charged and automatically stops charging, reducing the risk of overcharging and enhancing battery lifespan. Also, some smart chargers come with the added versatility of charging multiple battery types.

We rate the GensAce Imars III Pro Smart Balance Battery Charger as one of the best smart chargers for airsoft batteries. It features an easy-to-use touch control panel, which is better to use than a traditional charger. It also recognises what battery pack is being charged to get the optimum charging current for each battery pack. We also like that this smart charger is lightweight, so you can take it to your airsoft games if needed.

Yes, you might need additional parts or accessories depending on the type of charger you have. Some chargers may require specific lead connections or adapters. It’s always best to check the specifications of your charger and batteries to ensure you have the necessary accessories for charging.

A Mains Kettle Power Lead is a type of power cable commonly used with home appliances and some types of chargers. This lead features a three-prong plug that provides power from a mains supply. It can be used with basic airsoft chargers that have a compatible kettle power socket. Always ensure the lead and charger are compatible to ensure efficient and safe charging.

It’s critical to have a reliable charger and use it regularly to keep your airsoft batteries charged and ready. Consider investing in a smart charger, which can prevent overcharging and extend battery life. Also, keep necessary charger accessories handy. Regular maintenance and proper storage will also ensure your batteries are always ready for use.