Airsoft Gun Magazines

Airsoft magazines for every type of gun

Airsoft AEG Magazines

We have every type of airsoft magazines for nearly every type of airsoft gun. Whether you stick with the standard high capacity magazines to hold the most amount of airsoft BBs as you can, mid-capacity magazines to reduce the chance of battle rattle or even low capacity magazines for the milsim experience, we have something to work with most airsoft AEGs.

Pistol Magazines

We stock plenty of extra magazines for every gas blowback pistol and rifle that we have in stock. Stocking magazines from WE Tech, GHK airsoft, Tokyo Marui, Cybergun, King Arms, ASG and KJ Works, with an ever expanding catalogue as new products are release throughout the year.

Box magazines

Box and drum magazines are a vital part for airsoft support weapons to function. Their superior BB capacity is much larger than your standard AEG, holding 1000+ BBs per box magazine, these are often electric powered by a smaller external battery or connected to the main battery of the support gun. Great manufacturers like Ares, Classic Army & A&K sell their magazines as aftermarket items as you can never have too much ammo!

Sniper Magazines

Airsoft sniper rifle magazines come in all shapes and sizes, but are often smaller magazines with a lower capacity. We stock plenty of original magazines and aftermarket magazines to improve feeding and performance with heavy weight airsoft BBs. We have all three sized magazines for the Ares Amoeba striker, Action Army improved VSR magazines and more from WELL, S&T, Cyma and Jing Gong

Magazines accessories and speedloaders

We have an ever-increasing catalogue of airsoft magazine accessories from high-pressure air (HPA) gas magazine valves to high capacity winding speedloaders. There are always more and more options becoming easily available to airsoft players like tactical baseplates and replacement seals for gas magazines.

HPA systems are getting more and more popular with gas blowback airsoft guns as a more viable option than traditional gas. With great HPA parts and adapters from EPES and Action Army, these setups are getting easier to put together.

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