Airsoft Lasers

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Shop for unbeatable accuracy with Socom Tactical’s collection of airsoft lasers! Our lasers track your barrel, showing you where you’ll hit, improving your overall effectiveness and acquiring your target faster. Read More

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Airsoft Gun Lasers

Problems with aim and accuracy are a thing of the past! Become the ultimate sniper with infrared beams that narrow your sights, keeping your eye on the prize. Our range of laser torches and accessories will prepare you for the most intense play.

Switch up your sight element for night evolution with Socom’s stock of leading-brand WADSN lasers.

Our point lasers with long-life batteries equip your airsoft gun with the ultimate precision you need to become a scarily good player. Go into battle with confidence with our durable and lightweight airsoft lasers, perfect for enhancing aim – night and day!

Shop Socom’s range of IR laser units for pistols and rifles today.

Pair your new laser sight with a picatinny rail to fully prepare your airsoft gun for a high-performance game.


Yes, lasers are allowed in Airsoft UK if the user is aged 18 or over and has a valid defence. Typically, green lasers are not allowed at airsoft events due to eye sensitivity to green light and the risk of IR exposure.

Yes, red lasers are extremely useful for airsoft players. They can be used to mark targets without giving away your position. Red lasers also help improve your aim, making them great for training purposes.

The main difference between a red and green airsoft laser is the wavelength. Green light lasers are brighter and more beneficial in daylight due to their shorter wavelength, but they can be harmful to the eye.

An infrared laser is a type of laser that emits light in the invisible infrared spectrum. They’re perfect for airsoft purposes, selecting your target from further away to protect your own position. They’re also better suited for nighttime play.