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Airsoft Pyro Firing Systems - Socom Tactical Airsoft Shop

Airsoft Pyro Firing Systems

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Showing all 6 results


AlphaFire Replacement / Spare Receiver module wireless pyro det Remote is required Ideal Replacement if you loose or damage one to save buying a complete kit. >Single cue firing module, can work with 1-12CH Dividual Firing remote & Interval Firing remote. >With Learning Button in the firing module, can change remote / cue or clear [...]


Consumables Club Annual Membership Enjoy 10% off all consumables both in-store and online! with each card, you will get your own unique discount code on a printed membership card. When ordering all you need to do is send us an email with your order number, UKARA number (if applicable) and a picture of you to [...]

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Airsoft Pyro Firing Systems

12-Channel Wireless Firing System


A 12 unit remote detonator system for use with maroon pyrotechnics. Ideal for battle simulations and setting up defensive ambushes.

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Airsoft Pyro Firing Systems

TLSFx MK3 maroon


TLSFx MK3 maroon MK3 maroon pyro for remote detonation system

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A fun little remote firing system for small airsoft pyrotechnics. Great for setting up explosive traps and ambushes.

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WIRELESS FIRING SYSTEM Can control 4 electric firing systems with 1 controller This is a wireless firing system for fireworks and pyrotechnics, ideal for battlefield simulations and firework displays works with maroons The system includes: 4 Receivers. 1 Button transmitter. (takes 1x A23 12v Battery) Any receiver or set of receivers can be programmed to [...]

Wireless firing solutions for Pyrotechnics

For maximum flexibility when detonating pyros, a wireless system is essential. Wireless firing systems allow you to detonate your pyros remotely, so you can maximise your tactical positioning in the field.

Remote firing allows you to set off ambushes or distractions using maroon pyros or smoke grenades. Simply wire up your device, tune in your remote and fire when ready.

Choose Socom Tactical for the best options when selecting airsoft remote firing systems. Choose from 1, 4 or even 12 channel detonation systems to detonate a variety of pyrotechnics including mk3, mk5, mk7, mk9 bangs and smokescreen grenades including the TLSfx ‘Dirty Smoke’ grenade.

Find out more about our wireless detonator solutions below