Airsoft Scopes & Red Dot Sights

Airsoft Scopes & Red Dot Sights

Airsoft sights and scopes are important pieces of equipment for airsoft players.

They allow you to see your target more clearly, and help you aim more accurately, which is why we’ve chosen to stock the very best sights and scopes.

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Airsoft Sights And Scopes

Acquire and say on target quicker with robust sights and scopes from here at Socom Tactical.

With our range of accurate gun sights, you can give your airsoft gun a more professional and improved performance on the field by allowing you to get more accurate shots on target – every time.

We have large range of sights and scopes for your pistol, rifles and snipers.

We have varying sizes of sight and different heights for your preference. We have RMR style, Eotech style, Acog style and other style scopes. This gives you excellent variety when deciding what to go for.

But whatever you choose – we can assure you it will be a welcome addition to your tactical setup!

Lasers, Protectors, and Kill Flashes

We have lasers to help you to quickly acquire your target before they acquire you. We also have protectors to keep your sights, scopes and cameras safe from impacts and damage.

Our kill flashes will also help to protect your sight and help keep down reflection from flashes and sunlight when you are using your sight or scope.


Sights and scopes help you to see your target more clearly, and make it easier to aim accurately. They work by magnifying the image of your target, so that it appears larger and closer. This makes it easier to hit your target, especially at long range.

No, you don’t need a sight or scope for your airsoft gun. However, they can be very helpful, especially if you’re playing at long range. If you’re not sure whether a sight or scope would be useful for you, we recommend talking to one of our experts.

A red dot sight is a type of sight that projects a red dot onto the glass, which you use to aim at your target. A scope is a type of optic that magnifies the image of your target, making it easier to hit at long range.

Most airsoft sights and scopes come with mounting hardware, so you’ll just need to follow the instructions that came with your particular sight or scope. In general, though, you’ll need to remove the existing sights or scope from your airsoft gun, and then attach the new sight or scope in its place.