Airsoft Sights & Scopes

Airsoft Sights And Scopes

Acquire and say on target quicker with robust sights and scopes from here at Socom Tactical. With our range of accurate sights you can give your airsoft gun a more professional and improve performance on the field by allowing you to get more accurate shots on target.

Sights And Scopes

We have large range of sights and scopes for your pistol, rifles and snipers. We have varying sizes of sight and different height sights for your preference. We have RMR style, Eotech style, Acog style and other style scopes. This gives you excellent variety of choices.

Lasers, Protectors and Kill Flashes

We have lasers for helping you to quickly acquire your target before they acquire you. We also have protectors to keep your sights, scopes and cameras safe from impacts and damage. Our kill flashes will also help to protect your sight and help keep down reflection from flashes and sunlight when you are using your sight or scope.