Assault Vests and Pouches

Airsoft vests, plate carriers and Pouches

Our large range of chest rigs, vests, rigs and plate carriers means you can find the best choice for you. We also have a large range of tactical pouches to work with these rigs and plate carriers


Vests, rigs and plate carriers

We have vests, rigs and and plate carriers from multiple manufacturers including Tasmanian Tiger, 5.11, Kombat UK, Emerson Gear and Viper.

Tactical Pouches

The very large range of tactical pouches we have here at Socom Tactical means that you are sure to find the pouches you need. We have magazine pouches, utility pouches, first aid pouches, tool pouches, waterbladder pouches and many more for you to browse through. These pouches come from a range of manufacturers including Tasmanian Tiger, Emerson gear, 5.11, Kombat UK and others.