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Buy Camping lights, torches and lamp, rechargeable, camping tent and ultra-lite Shelter Peg Set and more item

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Kombat UK Military Roll Mat – Olive The Kombat UK military roll mat is all you need for a roll mat. It is lightweight, waterproof and offers superb heat insulation from its XPE closed cell foam construction. It will keep you off the ground during the night and is coloured dull green, so it doesn’t give [...]


Kombat UK Military Basha – BTP The Kombat UK military basha is brilliant for cadet camps and milsims. It is camouflaged in British terrain pattern and is made from waterproof coated nylon. This is designed to be used in the field for camping or if paired with another basha can be used as a ground sheet. [...]

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Princeton Tec Helix collapsable camping lantern Whether camping or playing a card game on the deck, the goal is to spend more time together with those who are important to us. Helix Basecamp packs the latest LEDs, while the collapsible globe keeps the light soft on your eyes. Folding legs raise the lantern up to [...]