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Our exclusive range of GHK AUG spare parts is your one-stop shop for all the airsoft parts you need to repair your GHK rifles. We stock triggers, rods, springs, hop units and much more manufactured by GHK themselves. Find the part you’re after below, or get in touch with our team if you need us to source a specific part.

Showing all 9 results

Genuine GHK AUG Spares & Repairs

We stock a wide variety of genuine internal and external GKH AUG spare parts for your rifle.

We have a variety of compatible buffers and springs to choose from, allowing you to fine-tune your rifle’s recoil and rate of fire. These elite parts will ensure your gun can withstand the demands of intense airsoft battles time after time.

Internal GHK AUG Parts

The buffer components of your GHK AUG rifle play a crucial role in your shots’ accuracy and your control over the weapon. We stock a selection of buffer parts designed to improve your gun’s performance.

The GHK AUG Buffer Guide Rod is ideal for increasing the level of accuracy offered by your gun. This rod houses the buffer and recoil spring. We offer a two-pack of this part with the part number AUG-17, so you know you’re getting the right part for your gun.

We also stock GHK AUG magazine follower and springs (AUG-M-03) to replace any malfunctioning or damaged internal parts. The follower and spring are a crucial part of feeding the BBs into your rifle, so keeping them intact is really important. These genuine spares are made specifically to fit the GHK AUG, so you know they will get the job done.

External GHK AUG Spare Parts

As well as internal spare and repairs, we also stock a number of external GHK AUG spare parts, such as replacement triggers (part AUG 20). The trigger is another vital component of your AUG and is exposed to a lot of wear and tear. This authentic AUG trigger will fit comfortably into your existing GHK AUG and will help to keep it firing accurately and consistently.

Browse our range today and take your game to the next level with our top-of-the-line GHK Aug spare parts! 


Replacing old or worn elements of your rifle is super easy with GHK AUG spare parts, thanks to the modular design of these weapons. This means that whether you’re a newbie or an experienced airsoft player, you can easily improve your game with these components.

At Socom Tactical, we stock a wide variety of internal and external GHK AUG spare parts, including buffers, springs, guide rods, hop units, and replacement triggers. Our parts are genuine GHK, so they’ll fit your weapon perfectly.

Each product listing on our site provides comprehensive information about the part, including the specific models it’s designed for. Additionally, parts like our GHK AUG buffer guide rod come with a part number (e.g., AUG-17), so you can ensure you’re getting the correct item for your gun.