Wether you are after a tactical knife for work purposes or an airsoft knife for those silent kills in game, we will have an option for you. Our range of knives is large and ideal for a wide range of needs.

Airsoft Knives

In our airsoft knives category, you will find a good selection of rubber weapons for use to get that sneaky and silent airsoft kills. We have choices from axes to bayonets to small concealable knives. All of them are safe to use in airsoft and will bring a new degree of tactical to your kit.

Tactical Knives

Our tactical knives category will provide with a range of knives and multi-tools for day to day work and activities. You will be able to find something for use in your activities, wether that be camping, fishing or other work and our lives are legal in the UK. We particularly have a good range of Leatherman multi-tools, which will give you excellent service.