Masks & Eye Protection

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Showing 1–21 of 56 results

Masks & Eye Protection

Abbey Anti Fog Cloth


Abbey Anti Fog Cloth provides a quick and easy way to remove condensation from googles, visors and scopes. A simple wipe over equipment stops condensation forming to fog your vision and ruin your game. In addition, the grip seal bag keeps your cloth clean, full of anti-fogging sloution and ready to use for when you [...]


A stylish adjustable ergonomic design, with ventilation in frame and nose bridge, that provides comfortable protection with full peripheral vision. Clear lens for general applications that require impact protection. They are CE certified, your guarantee for safe reliable protection. Features: Stylish, ergonomic frame combines with sleek polycarbonate lenses for the ultimate in protection and style. [...]


Masks & Eye Protection

Oper8 Bane Lower Face Mask


The Bane face mask by Oper8 is a very comfortable and unique looking airsoft face mask with a mesh mouth piece


One of the most popular set of glasses, the Bolle Tracker glasses are perfect for airsoft due to their EN166 lenses and full foam seal around the eyes


The essential all rounder with a panoramic visual field! Wrap-around fit without any visual interference, Cobra offers 180° vision and perfect optical quality. The option of swapping the temples for an adjustable strap and foam edge means Cobra is a highly versatile model. 1 product = 2 uses Upper protection Panoramic vision Non-slip bridge Comfortable, [...]

Masks & Eye Protection

Bolle Contour glasses – Clear


21 g of strength: sturdy, protective, stylish, comfortable and lightweight. CONTOUR is one of the top three best-selling models. Non-slip bridge Non-slip TIPGRIP temples Anti-static EN166 Guaranteed minimum resistance of the protective eyewear against everyday risks including dropping the protective eyewear onto the ground, ageing by light exposure, exposure to heat or corrosion etc. EN170 [...]

Masks & Eye Protection

Bolle Cobra TPR Goggles – Clear


With its easy-to-clean neoprene strap and its built-in TPR foam, this goggle kit is especially suitable for clean industries and the agro-food industry. 1 PRODUCT = 2 USES COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT AND PANORAMIC 100% SEALED HIGH STRENGHT GOGGLES NEOPRENE STRAP AND COMFORT FOAM PLATINUM COATING STRAP OR TEMPLES VERSION WITH INTERCHANGE LENS EN166 Guaranteed minimum resistance [...]


Aimcam EN166F rated lenses which make the Aimcam glasses safe for airsoft and shooting sports with the ballistic rating.


1 unit only B-Clean by Bollé Safety is a complete and efficient cleaning solutions range. Alcohol and silicone free, its aqua formula guarantees perfect cleaning and protection for your glasses and goggles. B-clean products (except B200) are certified by COLTS laboratory.

Masks & Eye Protection

Kombat UK Tactical Snood


An elasticated snood to be worn as a bandana, neck guard, balaclava or a face cover. available in five different colours

Masks & Eye Protection

Bolle Raider Glasses set w/3 lenses


Bolle Raider Glasses set w/3 lenses From their tactical range, the Bolle raiders come with a clear, smoke and yellow as well as a prescription insert. They feature a rubberised frame and sits nicely on the face wrapping around the sides.


Wrap around style safety glasses by Bolle with clear or tinted lenses.

Masks & Eye Protection

Bolle Contour II Tactical Glasses


A comfortable frame and protective lenses with Bolle Platinum anti-fog and anti-scratch coating are just some of the great features of the Bolle Contour II


These SWAT glasses by Bolle have flash coated mirror lenses and provide you with the essential eye protection you need out in the field.


A complete kit with two sets of colours arms and two single-piece lenses for different light conditions.


The Valken MI-7 mask is a protective airsoft face mask with a dual-pane thermal lens by Valken. These masks are a great option and resist fogging

Airsoft Grease & Lubricants

Abbey Anti Fog Spray 150ml


A spray-on anti-fog solution. Simply follow the instruction on the bottle and it will help prevent fogging during games.

Masks & Eye Protection

Kombat UK Operator Mesh Goggles


The operator mesh goggles by Kombat UK are great for a zero fog option of eye protection with a protective steel mesh curved plate to protect your eyes from BBs


A triple-lens combat tactical glasses kit by Bolle with a protective carry case.

Masks & Eye Protection

Kombat UK Recon Face Mask


A great quality padded recon mesh mask with four adjustable straps to fit it perfectly to your head.

Masks & Eye Protection

Bolle Ness+ Glasses


A great set of eye protection with a foam surround and adjustable safety strap.

Complete Airsoft Eye Protection

Get the best eye protection for airsoft with a face mask from Socom Tactical. We stock a range of full and half face masks with mesh or Perspex visors. Airsoft eye protection provides safety and comfort for new and younger players, as well as seasoned airsofters.

Our airsoft masks are sturdy and comfortable, with adjustable straps. They are designed to take the hits so your face doesn’t have to. Our airsoft eye and face protectors come in a range of colours and styles including camo shades for optimised tactical loadouts.

Looking for a cool airsoft mask? Check out our skull and spectre masks, as well as stylish protective glasses.

Keep your airsoft lenses clear with our range of lens cleaners and anti-fog sprays.

Whether you need a full face mask, protective lenses or something in between, you’ll find it all at Socom Tactical.

Check out our range below.