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Night Vision Products

Selection of dummy and real night vision equipment and mounts designed for airsoft. Whether indoor, evening game or just for effect.


For night time skirmishes, the challenge of targeting and hitting your opponents is greater but do it right and you can pick them off under cover of darkness.

This is where the right night vision equipment can make all the difference for you to spot your enemies in the dark while you remain undetected.


FMA AKA2 NVG Mount Black

Before you chose night vision goggles, it is a good idea to get a mount like this which fits most standard helmet mounts for the goggles to be positioned over your eyes without the need for you to hold them.


Cobra Optics Tornado NVG™ Gen 2+

At the top of the market, you get goggles like these with so much to offer that it almost seems unfair to your competitors due to the staggering amount of features on offer.


There are a range of different ways in which you can survey the skirmish site and identify enemies with 13 image intensifier options to choose from to suit your needs.


The short range infrared illuminator provides thermal imaging to give you a greater sense of who is nearby in the darkness.


There are a number of smart design features which puts the Tornado at the very top of the night vision products.

There are indicators for low battery and to tell you if IR is on or off in the viewfinder itself so you do not have to remove the apparatus to find out.


The product is also built to be comfortable with a flip and lock system and safety lock to keep the mount in position while ergonomic eyecups and adjustable interpupillary movement as well as eye-relief adjustments help to keep your eyes comfortable as they rest against the goggles.


Despite all of this, the Tornado can be improved further thanks to its customisable features.


Firstly the unit can be converted to handheld biocular which maintains a good level of magnification which can be improved further by additional lenses to give up to 9.6x magnification.


A 7028 IR Telephoto Lens can be fitted to the IR illuminator to improve the performance and quality of thermal imaging even further.


Cobra Optics Titan™ Gen 2 Night Vision Monocular

At almost half the price of the Tornado, the Titan has a lot to offer with the night vision and infrared present although it can’t match the Tornado’s levels of image identifiers or magnification; Titan’s magnification is at 1.0X.


It retains the comfort and smart design though with a soft rubber eyecup, grooves on the body to enhance the grip and LED in the eyepiece to make you aware of the power settings and that the illuminator is on.


Accessory mounts on each side allow for the monocular to be customised further to improve its performance.


The battery can run for up to 25 hours if the IR is not in use and remarkably it is powered by a single AA battery. 


Pulsar Challenger GS 1×20 CF Super/Super Gen 1+ night vision

If those options are too expensive for you, the Challenger is a cheaper alternative which provides night vision function and is designed with a number of helpful features.


The Challenger has image intensifier tubes as well as an IR illuminator while the five-lens eyepiece minimises distortion, all powered off and on by a single switch.


The built-in tripod socket makes the Challenger customisable as the socket allows attachment to an optional head mount and for a higher powered IR illuminator to be fitted.


The Challenger is lightweight yet durable and is resistant to water and dust making it a comfortable and long lasting night vision option.


FMA Dummy PVS-15 night vision – Updated version inc hard case

On the more economic side of the scale, you may look towards dummy versions to pull off the look but lose the function of night vision goggles.


These goggles look the part as a 1:1 replica of the PVS-15 completing the night time look with a hard case included for you to store them away.


The sight of the functioning glow may just put fear into your opponents who believe you truly have night vision goggles.