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Whether you need a small utility pouch for storing extra mags or a medic pouch for carrying first aid supplies, we’ve got you covered with our range of airsoft pouches! You’ll find airsoft pouches from all your favourite airsoft brands, including Tasmanian Tiger, Emerson and Oper8. Shop our collection today!

Showing all 13 results

Sort Your Kit Out With Our Extra Airsoft Pouches 

As well as our collection of tactical pouches, we have an excellent range of extra airsoft pouches that includes molle adapters, stock pouches, leg panels and medic pouches. 

These versatile pouches come in various sizes and can be used for storing all kinds of items, such as magazines, grenades, radios, and more. They are also available in different colours and camouflage patterns to match your existing gear.

Our Favourite Miscellaneous & Tool Airsoft Pouches 

You’ve got your radio pouch, magazine pouches, and medic pouch, but where are you going to put your scissors or multitool? 

The Emerson Multi-Tool Pouch is the ideal piece of equipment to keep your multi-tool to hand. The pouch is adjustable to fit different sizes and brands of tools. This pouch features a molle strap, so you can easily attach it to your belt for easy access.

If you prefer to keep your tools simple, our Emerson Gear Tactical Scissors pouch is a perfect choice. These pouches can attach to your molle system for easy access. Having your EMT shears close to hand is necessary for a medical emergency and can give you extra peace of mind.

Must-Have Ammo & Stock Pouches

To keep you in the game for as long as possible, you need to be able to reach and load your ammo easily.

Our Oper8 Rifle Stock Pouch offers the ideal selection of pouches to hold your spare rounds or shares. It features additional padding to protect you when shouldering the rifle and comes in a variety of colours.

For even easier accessibility, you can’t go wrong with our WBD 5-Round Shotgun Shell Holder. This holder has the capacity for up to 5 additional rounds and attaches to your kit using strong velcro, meaning that it can be attached almost anywhere.

Shop our range of magazine pouches and more at Socom Tactical. Order online and enjoy free shipping on purchases over £100!


A molle adapter converts the velcro on your airsoft clothing or rig to a molle panel. You can then attach pouches onto the molle panel to hold your spare rounds, lights, tools, or other equipment.

We recommend the Tasmanian Tiger Velcro Molle Adapter. This molle panel is made from 700D Cordura®, which is a great choice for airsoft as it is lightweight and durable. It also features a strong velcro closure, which will keep your kit secured throughout your game.

Molle disk holders are used to hold spare revolver magazine discs. These holders slide onto your rig or clothing and provide an easy way to store your spare discs without taking up too much space. We stock both single and double 6 Shooters H8R Molle Disk Holders, which are compatible with the 6mm H8R disks.

Magazine pouches are essential for any airsoft player. You can store your spare magazines for when you run out of rounds. Stock pouches, like the Oper8 Rifle Stock Pouch, are a great alternative if you’re playing with a shotgun or sniper rifle. We also recommend medic pouches, plate carriers, and radio pouches.