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Express your personality on the battlefield with our range of airsoft morale patches!

Our selection includes funny morale patches that add a touch of fun to your attire, as well as more serious patches if you want to show your allegiance to a cause or organisation. Add these morale patches to your uniform, tactical gear, or backpack.

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Airsoft Patches

Who’s to say that you can’t express your personality on the battlefield? With our selection of airsoft morale patches, you can easily do just that.

We have a wide range of funny patches that will add a touch of fun to any uniform or tactical gear. They also make great conversation starters and show off your humorous side!

Or, if you’re after something a bit more serious, we also stock patches that show your allegiance to an organisation or cause.

Funny Airsoft Morale Patches

Our funny morale patches for airsoft include humorous designs and slogans, such as ‘Keep Calm and Get to the Choppa’

These patches come in various shapes and sizes and can be easily attached to your airsoft uniform, tactical gear and backpack so that you can express your personality with pride.

It’s a great way to add a fun element to your airsoft gear and also make great conversation starters with your fellow airsofting team members.

Serious Airsoft Morale Patches

Also, in our selection of airsoft morale patches are more serious patches that can be used to show your allegiance to an organisation or highlight a cause – such as our ‘Medic Patch’ or our Ukraine charity patches.

Just like our funny morale patches, you can attach these anywhere on your tactical airsoft gear to show your support or to highlight your cause.

Add a touch of personality to your airsoft uniform or tactical gear today with our selection of morale patches. Shop now at Socom Tactical!

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Airsoft patches are small pieces of fabric that are designed with different slogans, images or logos that can be attached to your tactical airsoft gear or clothing.

Yes, PVC patches can be ironed on with a low-temperature setting. It is important to use a cloth or protective sheet to protect the patch while ironing.

Airsoft patches can be used for a range of reasons. Use them to simply show off your personality with funny morale patches, or use more serious patches to show your allegiance to a cause or organisation.