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Hire Our Airsoft Shooting Range

Level up your target practice and have some fun at our airsoft shooting range in Hampshire. Our range is equipped with the latest electronic AttackSense targets to give you an immersive and interactive shooting experience. Book your session today!

Showing all 2 results

£20.00 45 minutes
£35.00 90 minutes

Immersive Electronic Airsoft Shooting Range

Whether you’re a seasoned sharpshooter looking to refine your technique or a newbie keen to have a go in a safe and supportive environment, our airsoft shooting range is the place to be.

Our airsoft range is equipped with 2 sets of state-of-the-art electronic targets from AttackSense, ensuring accuracy and instant feedback for shooters of all levels. It also allows you to play interactive games with your friends, so you can have some friendly competition whilst you better your skills.

This technology enhances your shooting experience, making it not only more efficient but also more engaging.

Airsoft Target Range Hire

We currently offer two booking options for our airsoft shooting range, both of which require you and your teammates to bring and use personal equipment, including eye protection, weapons, and BBs.

Our 45-minute airsoft range hire is ideal for newbie airsofters who are looking to get a bit of extra practice in before heading to their first or next skirmish.

We also offer a 90-minute airsoft range hire session for enthusiasts who want more target practice or longer to go head-to-head with friends. With this slot, you get plenty of time to play with the various interactive games and modes our electronic targets offer.

Please turn up to bookings 15 minutes before your time slot to allow time to get set up and ready.

Visit our booking page and choose your indoor airsoft target shooting session today!


Our range accommodates a wide variety of airsoft weapons. From pistols to rifles, as long as your firearm is suitable for airsoft play and meets safety guidelines, you’re welcome to use it. Always ensure your equipment is in good working order before arriving.

Both sessions give you plenty of time to practise your aim and accuracy or play games. However, we recommend our 90-minute session, especially if you want to try the games and do some serious target practice with a full-capacity group.

We only allow a maximum of 4 people per 90-minute (or 2 people per 45-minute slot), with 2 shooters in the range at any one time for safety reasons and to ensure you get the maximum experience.

Our range is available to hire for birthday parties, work events, and other group gatherings. But please note that we currently have a maximum of 2 people per 45-minute slot, and you must bring your own equipment.

Please give us a call to discuss your specific needs, and we will do our best to accommodate you.