Replacement & Tune Up Parts

Airsoft Replacement And Tune Up Parts

We here at Socom Tactical have a wide range of replacement and upgrade parts for your airsoft guns. Our parts are from a wide range of high end manufacturers such as Prometheus, ZCI, SHS, WE and others.


We have external replacement parts and upgrades ranging from replacement bodies, sights and handguards to sling mounts, stocks, fore grips and mountable grenade launchers.


We have a large range of internal parts for sale. We have replacement parts for your weapons and upgrade parts for tuning up your weapons. These range from pistol internals to help improve performance to mosfets, motors and other gearbox internals, that will improve your guns performance. We also have Hop unit, hop rubber and barrel upgrades and replacements. Overall we have parts for GBB pistols and rifles, AEG rifles and spring rifles.