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Showing all 8 results


Replacement high performance m4 / m16 version 2 selector plate.


Prometheus Hard selector plate for Next Gen recoil For M4/HK416/HK417 Next Generation Recoil Shock Series This is a hard selector plate made from metal for the TM sopmod M4. Its to replace the plastic tm version.


SHS Airsoft AEG upgrade part. Essential part for upgrading your airsoft electric gun AEG. To build a tight & durable gearbox. Replacement of stock selector plate. Coated copper conductor for lower resistance. Suitable for AEG gearbox Ver.2. Colour May Vary


SHS AK47 Selector Plate for Ver.3 Gearbox Colour may vary


A high-end upgrade part for replacing your G36 AEG gearboxes. Made from strong materials and better finished than your average AEG selector plate.


ASG AK series selector & safety lever system AK series replacement and spare parts set. Contains the internal components for the selector and safety lever.

Selector plates

JG MP5K Selector plate


Jing Gong MP5K Selector plate Replacement selector plate for MP5k series AEG

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Jing Gong JG36 selector Spring and bearing Probably the most easy to lose pieces known to the airsoft world is the selector switch bearing and spring. These parts are for the G36 selector switch enabling it to click back into place instead of vibrating up or down into a different fire mode whilst you’re shooting.