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Showing 22–42 of 74 results


An improved quality hop up chamber for the VSR airsoft sniper rifle. It fits both the Tokyo Marui and Jing Gong variants as well as other VSR compatible sniper rifles.


A set of four power rings designed to fit the Maple Leaf VSR spring guide. The rings vary on power increase between different setups so it's best to try different sizes to get your desired FPS


Upgraded VSR bolt pin set with a brass locking click pin and high tension spring for Tokyo Marui, JG and other clone brands.


6 Shooters Barrel Spacer Set For VSR GSpec These barrel spacers are specifically designed to work with most airsoft inner barrels. The centered arms flex enough for the various outer diameters of barrels out there, securing the inner barrel centrally and securely. The two o-rings on the outer shell keep the barrel spacers from moving, [...]


Upgraded VSR spring guide for the Tokyo Marui, Jing Gong and other compatible models


Upgraded power spring for the VSR series airsoft sniper rifle. This spring gives you approximately 450 FPS on a 0.20g BB


Upgraded power spring for the VSR series airsoft sniper rifle. This spring gives you approximately 485 FPS on a 0.20g BB


An upgraded power spring for the Tokyo Marui M40A5 spring sniper rifle.


Maple Leaf Diamond Hop Up Rubber for Marui KJ WE GBB / VSR (60 Degree) Made of 75 Degree Rubber The properties of the rubber are highly elastic and anti-wear Suit for Tokyo Marui KJ WE GBB / VSR Series Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Action Army Ares Striker AS01 barrel spacer set Want to stabilise your inner barrel a bit more? Try these! When you fire an airsoft rifle, there is an element of ‘barrel flex’ involved which can be very very small or particularly noticeable if the inner barrel or other parts of the barrel assembly are loose. [...]


Action Army Ares Striker AS01 Hop adjustment wheel This new adjustment wheel is the ultimate addition to the Action Army complete replacement CNC Hop Unit for the ARES Striker AS01 sniper rifle which is not only considered an upgrade but is in fact a necessity if you want consistent (or in some cases, ANY) performance [...]


Action Army Ares Striker CNC loading indicator pin AS01 Are you sick of your ARES factory fitted load indicator constantly letting you down? This new load indicator is yet another addition to the Action Army range of precision upgrade parts for the ARES Striker AS01 sniper rifle which is not only considered an upgrade but [...]


A must-have upgrade part for your VSR 10 bolt action sniper. This steel set allows you to reliably use a higher-powered spring with the combination of a spring guide and piston


Bespoke M150 spring for Ares Striker (500FPS)   Upgraded spring for the Ares Amoeba Striker airsoft sniper rifle to bring it up to 500 FPS. Make sure you have a reinforced upgraded sear in the trigger mechanism before installation as the standard one will last long with this power.


AirsoftPro Steel cylinder for AWS L96 series Upgraded steel cylinder for Tokyo Marui L96 AWS and Well MB44XX series sniper rifles. This cylinder greatly improves the resistance to higher FPS springs and at an affordable price!


Airsoft Pro L96 MB01,05,08 black steel cylinder Steel durable cylinder is required in case of any upgrade. Stock cylinder is made of aluminium and weak. It is easy to damage it with stronger upgrade spring. Our AirsoftPro steel cylinder was sucessfully tested on the strongest springs. This model is suitable for Maruzen Type 96 and [...]


Airsoft Pro VSR double lever hop chamber Gen 2   Comes with a new, upgraded cylinder head and allen key to adjust both the left and right arms. Features: – Adjusts both left and right sides – Comes with new upgraded cylinder head – Uses AEG hop rubber and barrel – CNC machined – Better [...]

Sniper upgrades

TTI VSR 9mm Spring Guide


Stainless steel VSR spring guide designed to take the large 9mm VSR springs

Sniper upgrades

TTI VSR 7mm Spring Guide


Stainless steel VSR spring guide designed to take the large 7mm VSR springs


A full upgrade set for the S&T and Snow Wolf model of the Kar98k bolt action rifle which includes a piston, spring guide, spring, trigger sear and stopper

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Stock Marui VSR lever are made of plastic. It may break if it does not have enough HopUp pressure on heavy BBS. Here is our durable metal lever, which finally solves this problem. Offer good durability and modified snob can rotate heavier BBs. Made of aluminum alloy with anodized. NOTE: Applicable only for Marui VSR [...]

Upgrade Your Sniper to Become a Complete Marksman

Are you looking to hit enemy airsoft players beyond 80m? SOCOM Tactical offers a range of airsoft sniper upgrades designed to maximise the potential of your sniper rifle.

Each upgrade is expertly designed to improve the precision and general performance on a range of popular sniper rifles, including the Tokyo Marui VSR 10 and JG VSR 10 / BAR-10 Airsoft Sniper with Scope.

All our upgrades on offer are designed to make you a better marksman. Become a world-class airsoft sniper as you continue to upgrade your sniper in terms of distance covered, accuracy and reliability every time you step foot onto the battlefield.

These upgrades are capable of improving the performance and accuracy of your sniper.  If you’re unsure on how to upgrade your airsoft sniper or need a recommendation, get in touch with a trained member from our team. You can also visit our flagship store in Hampshire.

Upgrades Include: Army Specialised Trigger Group | Power Up Kit for Sniper Rifle | Custom Piston |