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Airsoft Tappet Plates

Find your perfect tappet plate in our range! From top brands like ZCI and Prometheus, we have a great choice of airsoft tappet plates that are designed to fit various gearboxes.

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Top-Quality Airsoft Tappet Plates

We stock a great selection of high-quality tappet plates that you can trust in your airsoft gearbox. Whether you’re searching for a replacement or want to upgrade to a better part, you’ll find what you need right here.

Our airsoft tappet plates are made from durable materials to avoid any defects that might compromise the performance of your airsoft gun.

We have plates that fit into various version gearboxes including V2 and V3, so you can be sure to find the right part for your gun. 

Please note: It’s important that you do purchase the correct tappet plate for your specific gun’s gearbox, otherwise you risk damaging your gun or having it perform below par.

Why Upgrade Your Airsoft Tappet Plate

The tappet plate controls the air nozzle motion which supports in feeding the BB into the gun’s hop-up chamber. By using a better tappet plate, you can give your gun a consistent cycling performance and improved durability.

You’ll experience better accuracy and reliability when using a better tappet plate so it’s definitely worth considering an upgrade if your gun is struggling to perform at its best.

Shop Socom Tactical for the Best Airsoft Tappet Plates

At Socom Tactical, we strive to provide the best airsoft upgrades, and our range of tappet plates is no exception.

We stock only top-quality parts from trusted brands, so you can enjoy the best performance and reliability from your airsoft gun.

Shop our range of tappet plates today!


What Do Motors Do in Airsoft?

An airsoft gun motor directly affect the trigger response and fire rate, and will have a big impact on the performance of your airsoft gun.

What is a Tappet Plate?

A tappet plate is an important part of your airsoft gun’s gearbox. It plays a role in controlling the back and forth motion of the air nozzle, which in turn helps to feed the BBs into the hop-up chamber.

What Problems Can a Tappet Plate Cause in Airsoft?

If you’re using a low-quality tappet plate or the incorrect plate for your gearbox, the BB might not be fed correctly (or at all) into the gun’s hop-up chamber.

When Should You Replace a Tappet Plate?

You should replace your gun’s tappet place if is becomes damaged, and you’ll be able to tell when this has happened if you notice that the gun isn’t cycling correctly and BBs are not being fed into the hop-up chamber.

You’re welcome to bring your gun along to our Fleet shop, and we can take a look to see whether the tappet plate needs replacing.

You can also choose to upgrade the tappet if you’re simply looking for better performance and reliability.