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Accessories & Parts – Tappet plates

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High quality self lubricating resin designed to be the best of the best on TM recoil upgrades. Specifically designed to fit: NextGen Recoil M4A1 Socom NextGen Recoil M4A1 SOPMOD NextGen Recoil CQB/R NextGen Recoil Recce Rifle NextGen Recoil SCAR-L NextGen Recoil SCAR-H NextGen Recoil HK416-D NextGen Recoil HK416-Devgru NextGen Recoil HK416 Delta-Custom NextGen Recoil HK417 [...]


A high-quality tappet plate for version 2 airsoft gearboxes, made from injection moulded ABS.


A high performance tappet plate for version 3 gearboxes.


A reliable replacement for your old version 2 gearbox tappet plates.


FEATURES: SHS polycarbonate tappet plate. Essential part for upgrading your airsoft electric gun AEG. Built from reinforced material for performance and durability. Replacement of stock tappet plate. To build a tight & durable gearbox. Suitable for AEG gearbox Ver.3.


– Material?POM — Blue colour Fits V7 Gear box m14 etc

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Guarder Version 6 tappet plate for P90 and Thompson Reinforced tappet plate for P90 and Thompson series AEG