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WE 226 Spare parts

WE F226 E2 grip set with pins

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WE 226 Spare Parts from WE-Tech

If you need to repair your F226 airsoft pistol or want to tune up your gun, you can rely on Socom to supply the spares you need. We only stock genuine parts from WE-Tech, so you can trust they’ll fit perfectly and perform as intended.

You’ll find an abundance of WE 226 spare parts in our range, offering everything you need to get your gun up and running in time for your next skirmish.

Genuine WE 226 Spares & Replacements

We have various replacement springs, including recoil springs, nozzle return springs, and magazine follower springs, to ensure the internals of your GBB pistol are kept in perfect condition.

You’ll also find a selection of nozzle housings, hop-up units, screws and more to replace any worn or damaged components. Whether you need replacement parts for your WE F226 or are just looking to customise your gun, you can trust that we’ll have the spares you need.

But if you can’t find the exact part you’re after for your airsoft pistols, please get in touch!

Everything is manufactured using top-quality metals and/or plastics, ensuring a durable and robust finish that will stand up to the rigours of airsoft warfare.

Order Your WE F226 Parts Today!

Don’t let damaged or worn parts hold you back from dominating on the battlefield. Get all your WE 226 spare parts online at Socom Tactical today!

Our airsoft experts are always on hand if you need any advice on which parts you need. You can contact us by phone or email or come to visit us in-store


What is the Difference Between the WE P226 and the F226?

The WE F226 is a take on the infamous Sig P226, which is used by the British Military. The F226 features a full metal body, slide release lever and front and rear sights – it’s a very lifelike replica of the P226.

How Do I Know What Parts I Need to Repair my P226 Pistol?

Our team can advise on what the issue might be with your gun and recommend parts that will likely solve the problem. Give us a call, send us an email or visit us in-store.

Is the F226 a Gas Blowback Gun?

Yes, the WE F226 pistol is a gas blowback gun. It’s powered by green gas and produces a realistic recoil when fired.