Product review – Evolution Ghost S EMR Carbontech ETS II

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Introducing the Evolution Ghost S EMR, one of the exciting new range of Evolution RIFs now available in store. 

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Initial thoughts

Out of the box, this RIF has some exciting features. The 6.01 tight bore and the ETS II programmable microswitch trigger are probably the most notable but it also has a rotary hop and is on deans as standard.

The E.T.S II helps the trigger pull feel more responsive, it is also really easy to program with everything being done through the trigger.

Being a good mix of a metal handguard and Carbontech receiver it feels comfortable and sturdy without being heavy and cumbersome. Everything has a place that feels unobtrusive, the grip feels good in your hand and partnering it with the blade trigger makes the RIF feel smooth.

The iron sights it comes with are really clear when using and fold away nicely when not, they are also easy to remove if you don’t want them at all

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The RIF was tested by Marcus at Gunman Airsoft Camp Bravo and his findings were positive. 

He found the RIF to have a decent range and accuracy out of the box, this will partly be thanks to the 6.01 tight bore that comes as standard with this and other models.

One negative to the RIF is that after trying it in the field it was found the battery compartment was a little less spacious and more complicated than we first thought but it was only a minor issue. 

During testing the trigger actually felt as good to fire as we first thought it would, it’s responsive and smooth to pull.

The only other criticism that could be found was that it didn’t like the Nuprol P-mags that were attempted, they fit but did not feed very well, but with other brands, it worked perfectly.

With a price tag of £245, it makes this RIF very good value for money.

Overall Marcus rated this highly with a 4.5 out of 5.



Responsive trigger



Decent range

Good iron sights

Programmable trigger

Upgrades out of the box (6.01 tight bore, rotary hop, ETS II) 


Limited battery space

Not all mags fit/feed

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