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Showing all 6 results


The PTS Syndicate EPM 1 magazine holding a whopping 250 rounds without any winding. The EPM1 has a built-in fuel gauge allowing the user to see how many BB's are left in the magazine with a quick look.

Pistol Torches and Illumination

CR123a Disposable Lithium Battery


CR123a disposable battery. Designed for most airsoft torches, flashlights and some sights.


The Jefftron Leviathan a step ahead of other Mosfets increases your performance and additional features fully controllable from your Android or IOS mobile phone wirelessly! The Micro Processor MOSFET increases performance and longevity taking the load from your trigger contacts.


A cover for bump fast helmets, which allows you to change the camouflage pattern of the helmet and to allow you to attach accessories to the helmet.

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An Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module for use with airsoft Scar H and Scar L guns. Constructed from strong nylon fibre and aluminium, with a textured grip and ambidextrous loading system.

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A great bit of kit, that you can easily mount to your belt or molle and can attach your BFG pin to, to stop you losing it.