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Showing all 7 results


A multi-calibre magazine pouch designed to hold various sized assault rifle magazine like the M4, G36 PMAGs, AUG, and more that a standard mag pouch couldn't hold


Double M4 & Pistol magazine panel designed for the Frame Plate Carrier. Available in three colours


Single elasticated magazine pouch for M4/AR type magazines with a standard molle mounting system


Elastic retention, slimline magazine pouch to hold up to three M4/AR magazines. Fits onto standard molle platforms


Quickdraw elastic retention Guardian pouch for M4/AR type magazines with an open-top design and molle compatibility


Low profile and slimline AR magazine pouch by 5.11 Tactical. Holds one AR/5.56 type magazine with it's strong elastic retention system

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Single Kydex molle pouch for M4/AR magazine with adjustable retention to suit any brand. Hand made in the USA