dump pouch

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Showing all 8 results

Dump And Drop Pouch

Oper8 Grenade Dump Pouch


Oper8 Tactical grenade dump pouch which mounts onto any molle platform. With a small foldout reservoir for grenades and smaller magazines

Magazine pouch

5.11 Flex Drop Pouch


A fantastic quality, light weight  and compact drop pouch from 5.11 Tactical, with plenty of space for empty magazines as well as a small pocket inside for smaller items and elastic retention cord

Dump And Drop Pouch

5.11 Large Drop Pouch


Folding drop pouch with the Slickstick molle system by 5.11 Tactical. Can hold various items such as magazines and spent BFGs and can be fastened to keep them all in place

Dump And Drop Pouch

Kombat UK Large dump Pouch


Large dump pouch for storing spent pistol and rifle magazines with an adjustable bungee cord for added retention and protection

Dump And Drop Pouch

Emerson Gear Folding Dump pouch


Folding molle dump pouch designed to carry empty magazines with a drawstring to help keep them all in one place


This light drop pouch deploys with a single pull tab to give you a large bag pouch to empty your spent magazines out in the field. It easily rolls up and can be stuffed back into its pocket.


Kombat UK Covert molle dump pouch is ideal for storing a small amount of empty pistol or rifle sized magazines without rushing to put them back in their original pouch

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Designed to store empty magazines to save putting them back into their pouches, this dump pouch is spacious and keeps all your gear secure