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Showing 22–42 of 61 results


Emerson Gear Gen 3 quick moisture wicking UBAC type shirt with ripstop sleeves in Multicam Tropic


A great choice for a rifle sling, the Emerson Gear Delta LQE single point sling features bungee shock absorption, quick-release buckles and MASH mounting


Emerson Gear molle mounted scissors pouch to hold EMT shears for quick access


A quick-adjust 2 point sling by Emerson Gear designed for longer rifles like the M16 or M14 with fantastic mounting points. An ideal rifle sling for any player


Emerson Gear PRC 148/152 molle radio pouch makes it easy to access and adjust any setting on your radio


The more basic version of the LQE single point sling by Emerson gear with bungee shock absorption and adjustable buckle. A great low profile design


Single elasticated magazine pouch for M4/AR type magazines with a standard molle mounting system

Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

Emerson Gear NCPC Navy Cage Plate Carrier


The Navy cage plate carrier or NCPC by Emerson Gear is a great modular molle platform capable of carrying all of your necessary and essential kit in the field


Hook & loop backed elastic holder for Glow Sticks and MK5 Thunderflashes. These can hold up to four items and be placed anywhere with a loop fastening


Ideal for taking to site or everyday use to charge your phone, torch, tracer unit and more


Emerson Gear slimline and low profile double elastic magazine pouch for M4/AR style magazines. Retains the magazines in place and a simple pull releases them from the pouch


Ideal for keeping your 5.56 type magazines and pistol magazines all on one, slimline molle panel


A quick-adjust padded 2 point sling by Emerson Gear which is brilliant for support guns and other heavy rifles. A great rifle sling for any situation

Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

Emerson Gear FCS Style Vest W/MK Chest Rig


A full customisable FCS style vest by Emerson Gear with an amazing amount of storage space


Elastic retention, slimline magazine pouch to hold up to three M4/AR magazines. Fits onto standard molle platforms


Triple open top bungee magazine pouch for MP& series magazines with full molle compatibility


A fully quick-release adaptive Strandhogg plate carrier designed to fit as many molle pouches as you need in many configurations.


Emerson Gear open top double molle pouch to suit 5.56mm and other type magazines. Uses elastic tabs to keep magazines in place.


A fully adjustable and customizable molle plate carrier with buckles for interchangeable front panels.


Emerson Gear triple open top pouches fit nicely onto any molle system with elastic tabs to help retain the magazines

Rucksacks for Airsofting

Emerson Gear D3 Multi-Purpose Bag


A popular design from Emerson Gear, the D3 multi-purpose bag has a fantastic main compartment with several smaller pockets to store any sized accessories