GBB pistol

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Showing all 8 results


A spare magazine for WE G19/G23 gas blowback pistols.

Pistol and Gas magazines

WE M9/M92 GBB Magazine (24 Rounds)


A spare magazine for the WE M9/M92 gas blowback pistol.


This M9A1 GBB pistol is a great replica with a gas blowback action as well as a built-in TDC hop-up unit. A great choice for any beginner or regular player


Fully and semi-automatic GBB with plenty of customisation options. The AAP-01 is one of the most anticipated releases of 2020


A spare magazine for the Cybergun FN 5-7 gas blowback pistol. They hold 16 rounds and are the green gas version.

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A great little plastic gas blowback pistol, the 1911 Detonics is a great backup pistol for any loadout

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A gas blowback Desert Eagle with 20mm rails and vented compensator front.

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The Hi-Capa Dragon 7" is a true beast of a GBB pistol with an FPS output of 340 on a 0.20g BB. Featuring a lightweight split slide system.