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Showing all 7 results

Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

Emerson Gear MK3 Micro Fight Chest Rig


The MK3 micro fight chest rig designed to be a modular lightweight and low profile modular platform for various load-outs


An ergonomically low profile set of rubber rail covers. They do a great job of providing protection and extra grip.


A low profile and flat double pistol mag pouch which uses a T-stretch material to retain your pistol magazines. Mounts onto and molle platform


Elastic retention, slimline magazine pouch to hold up to three M4/AR magazines. Fits onto standard molle platforms


This light drop pouch deploys with a single pull tab to give you a large bag pouch to empty your spent magazines out in the field. It easily rolls up and can be stuffed back into its pocket.


Kombat UK Covert molle dump pouch is ideal for storing a small amount of empty pistol or rifle sized magazines without rushing to put them back in their original pouch


A great low profile belt by Tasmanian Tiger which fits through most standard belt loops being only 3cm thick. It has molle going around the whole belt for attaching molle pouches, holsters and accessories