m4 pouch

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Showing all 7 results


Double 5.56 M4 magazine pouch for the Emerson Frame plate carrier with bungee retention tabs


Single elasticated magazine pouch for M4/AR type magazines with a standard molle mounting system


Emerson Gear slimline and low profile double elastic magazine pouch for M4/AR style magazines. Retains the magazines in place and a simple pull releases them from the pouch


Elastic retention, slimline magazine pouch to hold up to three M4/AR magazines. Fits onto standard molle platforms


The MK1 version of the Tasmanian Tiger double M4 magazine pouch. They retain your magazines with their bungee retention system and can attach to any molle platform.


Single open-top magazine pouch for 5.56 sized magazines with bungee retention

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Single Kydex molle pouch for M4/AR magazine with adjustable retention to suit any brand. Hand made in the USA