molle pouch

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Showing 1–21 of 48 results

Dump And Drop Pouch

Oper8 Grenade Dump Pouch


Oper8 Tactical grenade dump pouch which mounts onto any molle platform. With a small foldout reservoir for grenades and smaller magazines

Admin And Utility Pouch

Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 5


The tac pouch 5 is a great, larger-sized utility pouch designed to store several items on your plate carrier or loadout


a large adjustable radio pouch with a removable base to help with a battery change. These fit some of the larger radios on the market and fit MK23 pistols quite well also!


Fully openable first aid kit pouch from Emerson Gear. Molle mounted and internal elastic straps to keep all your gear in place

Admin And Utility Pouch

Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 7


The tac pouch 7 is a large-sized utility pouch designed to hold larger accessories and can mount onto any molle platform

Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

Emerson Gear Molle Belt (LBT1647B Style)


The fantastic low profile LBT1647B style battle belt is a molle belt rig by Emerson Gear suitable for attaching any molle pouches, holster and more with the ability to attach a harness or yoke for support


Molle mounted water bladder pouch with 1.5L aqua bladder ideal for plate carriers and molle compatible rucksacks


Molle mounted multi-calibre rifle magazine pouch designed for 5.56mm or 7.62mm sized magazines.


A great open top or hook & loop closing magazine pouch for P90 or Vector magazines with an optional bungee retention system


Molle mounted multi-calibre pistol magazine pouch designed for most double-stacked pistol magazines.


5.11 Tactical single pistol magazine pouch with the Slickstick molle system and an open top, bungee retention system


Kombat UK triple duo M4 magazine pouch to hold a total of six M4/AR magazines on one easy panel. Attach to any molle platform and instantly double your magazine carrying capacity.


A molle mounted grenade pouch for a smoke grenade with bungee retention around the body and a flap fastened with a buckle.

Admin And Utility Pouch

Kombat UK Mini Utility Pouch


Molle mounted mini utility pouch designed for documents, bandages and other small accessories out on the field


Kombat UK single duo M4 magazine pouch designed to reduce precious molle space taken up on your molle platform by incorporating two magazines stacked into one space


Tasmanian Tiger Double HK417 Magazine Pouch MKII The Tasmanian Tiger double HK417 magazine pouch is capable of holding two HK417 magazines side by side with a bungee retention system over each one. Made from 700D Cordura it is high quality and built to last. The elastic cord closure will ensure that your magazine will stay [...]


Elastic retention Guardian pistol magazine pouch which holds up to two standard sized pistol magazines such as Glock, M92, PX4, Hi-Capa, and more.


Oper8 Tactical single bungee M4 magazine pouch with a quick-release pull tab to keep your magazine in place. Attaches to any molle platform

Tactical Pouches

5.11 Flash Bang Pouch


A great pouch for flash bangs, grenades and even a great fit for Dynatex BFGs


Ideal molle medic pouch for any plate carrier set-up needing a medium amount of medical supplies for the field


A low profile and flat double pistol mag pouch which uses a T-stretch material to retain your pistol magazines. Mounts onto and molle platform