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Showing all 7 results


A multi-calibre magazine pouch designed to hold various sized assault rifle magazine like the M4, G36 PMAGs, AUG, and more that a standard mag pouch couldn't hold


Kombat UK Delta Multi-Calibre Magazine pouch is fantastic for storing 5.56 to 7.62 calibre magazines with is bungee expanding design

£18.00 £13.00

Multi-calibre pistol mag pouch for larger pistol magazines like the MK23 with fantastic retention and quickdraw


The original multi-calibre magazine pouch from Tasmanian Tiger is an ideal mag pouch for carrying magazines from M4, AUG, Sig 55X series, SR25, and even SCAR-H


Double Multi-calibre molle magazine pouch to hold two magazines ranging from 5.56 size to 7.62 with an open-top bungee retention system


a multi-calibre pistol mag pouch to hold several different sizes of pistol magazines with fantastic retention and quickdraw


Kombat UK Delta pistol magazine pouch for various sizes and multi-calibre magazines with an adjustable bungee retention system and molle mounting