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Showing 1–21 of 53 results

Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

Emerson gear 420 Plate Carrier


Emerson Gear 420 plate carrier with modular front panel system ideal for switching between loadouts

Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

Emerson Gear MK3 Micro Fight Chest Rig


The MK3 micro fight chest rig designed to be a modular lightweight and low profile modular platform for various load-outs


A belt-mounted MP7 drop leg holster designed to carry your airsoft MP7 and a spare magazine out in the field

Admin And Utility Pouch

Tasmanian Tiger Vertical Tac Pouch 1


The vertical tac pouch 1 by Tasmanian tiger is a great compact utility to attach anywhere on your molle webbing system


A multi-calibre magazine pouch designed to hold various sized assault rifle magazine like the M4, G36 PMAGs, AUG, and more that a standard mag pouch couldn't hold


Emerson Gear molle mounted hydration pouch which holds a 1.5 Litre water bladder with a hole for the tube to feed through

Admin And Utility Pouch

Emerson Gear Small Insert Pouch


Emerson Gear small molle insert pouch ideal for storing various items with a tightening cord and folding flap


Double 5.56 M4 magazine pouch for the Emerson Frame plate carrier with bungee retention tabs


This plate carrier front drop pouch is great for storing smaller items which you can't otherwise fit onto your plate carrier with elastic retention loops inside to keep it all in place


Emerson Gear molle mounted admin map pouch with internal elastic organisers and waterproof map holding compartment

Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

Oper8 Fast Helmet With Accessories


The Fast Helmet by Oper8 Tactical comes with various accessories and comes in a multitude of pattern and colours


Set of two hook & loop mounted pouches for the JPC plate Plate carrier which hold and MBITR 148/152 radio and is retained with and adjustable bungee

Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

FMA Mesh Maritime Helmet Cover


A tactical maritime helmet cover for fast helmets and high cut helmets with plenty of velcro attachment for accessories and patches


A helmet carrier panel to fit the TMC 420 plate carrier systems. Carry your helmet out in the field and have quick access to it when you need it

Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

FMA AirFrame Style Helmet


An AirFrame style helmet designed as an airsoft helmet with an NVG attachment on the front and arc rails on the side for accessories

Rucksacks for Airsofting

Emerson Gear Modular Assault Pack


A fantastic modular assault pack by Emerson Gear that can help you carry loads of gear out on the field with its large main compartment and smaller pockets

Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

FMA Caiman Bump Helmet


the Caiman bump helmet is a great and unique design airsoft helmet by FMA with an NVG mount and arc rails

Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

Emerson Gear D3CRM Chest Rig X-Harness Kit


The Emerson Gear X-harness is great for players who need several setups and loadouts for different rifles

Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

Emerson Gear Helmet Counterweight Pouch


A helmet counterweight pouch designed to fit at the back of your helmet and help counteract the weight from night vision and accessories on the front.


A great pair of ACU assault trousers by Kombat UK with a polycotton ripstop material and 6 utility pockets spread across them


Designed to store empty magazines to save putting them back into their pouches, this dump pouch is spacious and keeps all your gear secure