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Showing all 4 results


Plate Carrier Accessories Pouch

TMC Assaulters Panel For 420 Plate Carrier


Assaulters panel with 3x AR magazine pouches and 4x pistol magazine pouches designed to fit on the TMC 420 plate carrier system


A quick-release holster adapter for Amomax plastic holsters designed to give you a quick-release option for your belt, paddle or molle attachments

Plate Carrier Accessories Pouch

Emerson Gear AVS/JPC Zip On Back Pack


Zip on backpack for the Emerson Gear JPC and AVS plate carrier systems. designed to carry extra ammo, tactical gear and whatever your needs on the field


Emerson Gear drop leg molle platform provides a space for other pouch for spare ammunition first aid or even a great place to put your holster within easy reach for a low profile loadout