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Showing all 5 results

Airsoft Rail Mounts

Action Army AAP-01 Sight Rail


Rear red dot sight rail for the AAP-01 gas blowback pistol. Simply replace it for the original rear sight using the original screws and you're good to go

Airsoft Rails & Rail Kits

JG AK47 And AK74 Ris Rail Top Mount


This rail replaces your AK rear sight with a rail for attaching a red dot or holographic sight to.

MK23 Pistol Upgrades

Hadron MK23 Socom M-TDC RIS Rail


An M-TDC mounted MK23 RIS rail for the MK23 SOCOM M-TDC mod with or without the triple screw plate that allows the double screw adjustment

Airsoft Rails & Rail Kits

M-etal MP5 Sight Rail (Short)


An easy to mount sight rail for an MP5 or G3.Once mounted it holds firm and allows you to mount your chosen sight.

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A top and bottom AAP-01 rail set with the mounting screws