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Showing all 7 results


The Wadsn Metal DBAL-A2 with metal body incorporates multiple modes including Red Laser / IR Laser / White Light with Strobe output. Controlled either by the push button on the body or via the supplied pressure switch. Comes complete with a hard storage case.


A helmet or rail mountable light that is ideal for jobs such as map reading.


No More struggling to add your pressure switch to your gun attach the rail cover and slot it in and you are good to go!

Pistol Torches and Illumination

WADSN M952V LED Weapon Light – Black


A rail-mounted weapon light, that comes with a pressure pad, a constant on/off switch, and a quick-release catch.


Wadsn Assistant Sights for the DBAL-D2 allows manually aiming even when the DBAL-D2 is not in use works with Iron Sights on your airsoft gun


Tactical throat mic for those wanting a more low profile microphone set up.

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Wadsn Low profile Night Vision L4G24 Mount providing a durable mounting solution for your night vision goggles with that accept the Wilcox style dovetail shoe with quick release and adjustment.