PSA: Don’t Wave It Around In Public!

PSA: Don't Wave It Around In Public!

Gun bags aren’t just useful for keeping your guns in. They can stop you getting arrested.

The public and the Police take a dim view of people walking around carrying guns, real or not. Even if a gun is a two tone IF, the Police might turn up with real firearms in response to an alert from a concerned citizen.

While BB Guns have been semi-classified under the Policing & Crime Act 2017, if you take a BB gun out onto the street, you might well end up in a world of hassle. Police respond to calls where a gun is involved and send armed officers with real guns and real bullets to react to the situation.

Cover up your airsoft guns! If you can’t afford a gun bag, a bin bag works just as well in a pinch. When you’re driving, keep your airsoft guns covered up in the boot of your car.

Stories like this one from last year highlight the importance of keeping your airsoft guns under wraps in public.

Be responsible in the community. There’s no need to cause a panic just because you feel cool carrying your airsoft gun around. So even if you’re running from your car into a store or onto a site, keep your airsoft guns covered up.

Airsoft gun bags are the easiest and safest way to transport your airsoft rifles and pistols from place to place. Hardwearing, weather resistant airsoft gun bags are secure and keep you from getting into unnecessary trouble.

Our airsoft gun bags include adjustable shoulder straps, quick backpack conversions, internal rifle retention straps and locking zippers to keep the main compartment snug and secure. So check out our range and make sure that next time you’re moving your airsoft guns, you don’t end up with the police piling in on you!

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