CTM AAP-01 Superlight Bolt (Black)

ctm aap 01 superlight bolt black 4

CTM AAP-01 Superlight Bolt (Black) The CTM AAP-01 7075 Alu ADVANCED Superlight Bolt – Black is a highly lightened hi-tech version of the original plastic bolt. This ADVANCED (or Mk2) version is 5g lighter than the original CTM superlight bolt and as such, increases the rate of fire even more and slightly reduces the recoil […]

Cow Cow AAP-01 Flared Magwell Plate

cow cow aap 01 flared magwell main

Cow Cow AAP-01 Flared Magwell Plate An aluminium AAP-01 flared magwell plate designed for competition shooting to make reloading easier and ensures a correct insertion of the magazine. Features: Aluminium 6061 material with CNC machined Maximum funnel increases the speed of reloads A curved bottom magazine profile corrects for both planar and rotational insertion errors […]

Cow Cow AAP-01 Aluminium Selector Plate

cow cow aap 01 aluminium selector plate

Cow Cow AAP-01 Aluminium Selector Plate A replacement fire selector for the Action Army AAP-01 gas blowback pistol. These replace the original plastic version and have drastically improved durability when being used with a metal selector switch. Features: 7075 Aluminium material with CNC machined Colour available: Silver For Action Army AAP01