Socom Tactical: How To Load Your Timed BFG

In this tutorial we show you how to load and prime your timed BFG (Blank Firing Grenade) with a new blank. It’s quick, easy and after a few times it becomes second nature whether in the safe zone or out in the field.

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The Dynatex Original BFG Blank Firing Grenade one of the best-timed training grenades on the market with 3-5 fuse to let off a .209 blank

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Dynatex ‘Dominator’ blank firing impact grenade   IMPORTANT: DUE TO SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS, WE CANNOT SHIP ANY BLANK FIRING GRENADES OUTSIDE OF THE UK Please Note: These are no longer supplied with the 9mm tops due to manufacturing costs and will only be supplied with the tops to accept the .209 primer blanks. From the original [...]

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Dynatex blank firing grenade priming/plunger tool   Replacement or spare plunger resetting tool for the Dynatex ‘Original’ blank firing grenade. Features: – Strong steel construction – Curved end to prevent damage – Plastic curved top for better comfort This resetting tool is designed specifically for the Dynatex ‘Original’ BFG. It has the curved end on [...]