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Socom Tactical Airsoft is a premium Airsoft retailer selling all the items related to Airsoft in physical stores as well as online at premium rates. If you are after such Airsoft products and searching the most dependable and affordable retail stores or think of online purchase, Socom Tactical is the best place to visit in UK and elsewhere in our branches.


Do You Love Imitative Military Weapons and Wish to Skirmishing Friendly Competitions

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By nature, human beings are warriors and their love for weapons are reflecting in the historical collections of museums across the all the past and present civilizations. Military weapons and legends of war victories are engaging toddlers to aged men and women in all the cultures of the world from ancient times.


However, our civilization and civilian governments can’t permit everyone to hold such lethal military weapons without enough precautions/licenses. Therefore, imitative weapons, which resemble with real weapons in every aspect, except their lethality are getting immediate attentions of kids, teen agers, and some sports lover adults. Airsoft guns are quite safe and non-lethal in nature and all countries of world are permitting their usage with some precautions.


Our Airsoft guns look, feel, weigh, and function similar to the actual firearm, except there is no real steel, not with same lethality, and blazing orange tips to differentiate them. Therefore, each movie or TV show uses our Airsoft guns to replicate real life armaments.

Our Airsoft military arsenals have range of products to meet such needs at affordable and competitive price tags that is nowhere in the market with such quality and guarantees. For instance,

Airsoft Guns

Spring Airsoft Guns: are surprisingly sturdy and cheaper, as each new comer in military has to use such replicas at first step before going to use actual weapons, as you have to do things manually like cock the spring first and fire later.

Gas Airsoft Guns: are gas-powered, realistic, and semi-automatic firing guns. Thus, you can empty a magazine as fast as you can pull the trigger as well as loads magazine smoothly.

Electric Airsoft Guns: are fully automatic and powered by electric motors to propel the bullets. Thus, you can get realistic Rate-Of-Fire (ROF) with amazing capacities.


Airsoft Knives

We offer full line of perfect Airsoft knives including real as well as training knives for close quarters combat with your enemies in Airsoft games.  They are made up of high quality flexible polymer, making them safe to use and incapable of cutting.


Cold steel rubber trench hawk

Cold steel training knifes plastic bayonette 


We Support Military Simulation Sports in UK and Across the Globe


In due course, we keep all safety, comfort, and charms by giving accessories as well as other aiding relevant products such as:

Airsoft Accessories:


Airsoft Gun BB’s/Pellets: The plastic pellets of Airsoft guns commonly called as “BB’s” and we keep high quality superior BB’s for all types and range of Airsoft guns.

0.2g airsoft bbs 0.25g airsoft bbs 0.28g 0.30g 0.32g 0.36g 0.40g bbs


Airsoft Gun Gas: We sale the most contemporary gas alternatives in UK including Green Gas, Propane Adaptor, and CO2 cartridges for Airsoft guns with high quality and at premium rates.

airsoft pistols

airsoft assault rifles airsoft sniper rifles 


Airsoft Gun Magazines: Socom tactical offer a wide selection of airsoft magazines for ages gab snipers assault rifles and pistols including high cap mid caps and real caps


airsoft gas magazines

AEG high cap AEG mid cap


Airsoft Gun Pyros &Grenades: We offer a large selection of airsoft pyrotechnics and grenades for airsoft paintball and films from enola gaye TLSFX both bang grenades and smoke grenades as well as BFGS and paper pyro from Ohshi boom dynatexs swat and others

Single use grenades  Smoke Grenades  Reuseable blank firing bfg grenades 


Airsoft Gun gas and Lubricants: We offer a full range of airsoft gas and lubrication for full care of your airsoft gun  

Airsoft lubrication and grease Airsoft gas how to clean your airsoft gun


Airsoft Gun Batteries and Related Products : airsoft batteries with 8.4v 9.6v mini 8.4v 9.6v crane stock or 11.1 or 7.4v lipo we have them all as well as batteries for your scope sight and torch


NIMH and NICAD battery

7.4v and 11.1 lipo battery  Airsoft charger


Airsoft Paint and Krylon gun paint: 

Kyrlon is one of the best camofladge paints for airsoft guns and rifles we offer a full range including training


Bulk Krylon spray paint deals Krylon Camouflage gun spray paints  Black Airsoft spray paint 


Airsoft Gun Custom Parts:


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Airsoft Clothing & Equipment

We are the best place if you are looking for quality combat clothing for Airsoft games and reliable camping equipment or professional Airsoft gear at affordable price tags.

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Airsoft Communication Equipment for Skirmishers

We offer wide range of selections of military communication replica devices and their accessories. However, communication is vital to achieve success and can be the determining factor whether your team wins or not, we offer the best technologies at cheaper rates.

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Airsoft Go Pros & Accessories for Skirmishers

We offer incredibly versatile, powerful cameras, to mounts and accessories for Airsoft games so you can capture highly exciting moments of the game easily.

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Airsoft Night Vision Equipment

We offer large and diverse range of high-quality night vision devices from well-known manufacturers, which are ideal for Airsoft players.


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Airsoft Assault Vests and Pouches

Our tactical assault vests and pouches are making all your accessories to hand, while you are in the heat of battle. Therefore, keep all such items needed during your Airsoft battle a budgeted rate.


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Airsoft Patches

Patches are great way to customize your gear for identification and motivational purposes by attaching them. Thus, your enemy knows exactly who shot them out of the game. They are highly useful when you just make a statement or if you want to replicate a certain load out, patches help you to personalize your load-out.


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Airsoft Night Illuminators

We offer range of handheld torches to cater every need in Airsoft games. Thus, our products are ranging from lightweight small form torches (for localized illumination) to high power high intensity torches (for tactical applications) from leading manufacturers.

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Airsoft Scopes

It is true that when you need to fire accurately at medium to long-range targets, a good Airsoft Scope is absolute need. Therefore, we offer simple scope or a magnifying scope for a dot sight for your Airsoft game, we are the best provider in UK and elsewhere.

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Airsoft First Aids & Camping Accessories

First aid equipment box or bag is an essential component of any military camp or battle and the same is true for Airsoft camps or battles. Moreover, we care for other camping related needs for Airsoft game lovers with the quality and affordable price tags.


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Some Decent Offerings of Socom Tactical


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