Specna Arms – Overview

We’ve stocked the Specna Arms brand now for a few months, but haven’t seen many people touch on it. So we decided to give you a general overview on the quality and performance you get for the price.

They do a huge range of M4 platform AEGs varying between RIS, RAS, Keymod and vanilla  handguards. The biggest benefit of these guns are the quick change spring system, even though you need to take the gearbox out of the body, it saves you having to take the gearbox apart, so even those inexperienced techs out there can easily change the spring with basic knowledge of how to take an M4 apart. Not only this but you get a free spring with every gun which has brought each one we’ve tested down to 330 FPS.

With prices ranging from £200 upwards you get a full metal body gun and a ‘bolt stay’ system which makes things easier when tuning your hop up. Both internal and external parts seem universal, but each M4 is externally designed and set up to run as it comes i.e keymod, RIS, different length barrels.

The more recent models have been given upgraded nozzles, reinforced gearbox shells and metal hop up chambers to prolong the overall life of the AEG and for once the gearbox isn’t caked in orange grease unlike other brands. The grease looks a lot more appealing and has a more positive effect on the gears, piston, motor and other moving parts in the gearbox.

Have a look at Specna Arms website to see the full range they offer, if you have any product requests, be sure to contact us and we can give you a quote on price and delivery time.

For all your airsoft needs, please visit: www.socomtactical.net

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