Stay Safe When buying and Selling Online.

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Stay Safe when Buying 2nd hand online.

Sadly, its all too common, and we all know someone who has been targeted by online fraud. Below we have detailed a guide to help you make sure you are as safe and secure as possible when buying or selling online.


Buying 2nd hand airsoft gear online

You have seen the product you are looking for, so what’s next?


When purchasing a product online, its likely that its then getting shipped to you – therefore make sure you have the necessary protection from potential fraud. This protection can be achieved simply in a couple of different ways – firstly, paying via Paypal is good. Paypal provide protection if you fail to receive your product.


A second option is to pay via credit card instead of debit card. Most credit cards provide added protection and enable refunds if you fail to receive the item. Although some many 2nd hand sellers will not have access to accept credit cards, so check this out before making your purchase. 

Never Paypal friends and family, or bank transfer – these methods will not give you any protection on your purchase. 

If you are meeting in person to collect or exchange a product, ensure that you meet in a safe space where you can check the product before purchase. Make sure that you are 100% happy with the product and its in full working order. Checking the product will give you more confidence before transacting any money, and it will be less risky to pay via cash or bank transfer if you know you are 100% happy with it. 





Proof of person/product: 

Never be afraid to ask for more photographs of the product, or more details from the seller to make sure they are genuine. A top tip is to ask for a picture with something in the photo even a piece of paper with there name on to prove they have the item.

For more tips and information check out the Which Guide to buying second hand online.

Selling 2nd hand airsoft equipment online.

Sadly, a few buyers take advantage of sellers both in the new and the 2nd hand market, and it is becoming a common issue.

  1. Always send the item with tracked shipping to prove that the recipient has received the goods you have sold to them. 
  2. Take a short video / photo when the goods are packaged and record its weight.
  3. Take plenty of pictures before you send the item with data stamps. 

Buyer Verification: 

Selling a RIF? Make sure they are covered under the VCR Act 2006

This can be a UKARA membership or insured game site membership.

Socom Tactical can offer free UKARA checks for you. Simply drop us an email with the buyers details –  Name / Postcode and UKARA number to

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