The best in Assault Vests and Pouches

What Tactical Vest or Plate Carrier

It can be a hassle to carry all the equipment you need around with you during battle. With the right assault vest and pouches, you can carry all the guns, magazines and conversion kits you need for a skirmish on your person with ease and in comfort. Assault vests 5.11 TACTEC Chest Rig (Black) This […]

Best Value Airsoft Bundle Deals

Airsoft Bundle Deals Starter packs

An overview of our best bundles, and why you need them. Airsoft JG G3 Bundle Price: £245.00 Overall value: 307.00 This bundle includes an assault rifle and some extra equipment to complement it. Some of the equipment that comes in this pack is not available to buy individually from us so this is a good […]

How to Maintain Tactical Gear & Clothing for Military Airsoft

How to Maintain Tactical Gear & Clothing for Military Airsoft

It is important to provide maintenance for your tactical gear and clothing in Airsoft to ensure you get the most out of them.   With gear ranging from clothing to backpacks to slings, incorrect maintenance may mean you pay a heavy price to continue replacing your old, worn-out equipment. With Airsoft being an outdoor activity, […]