Own the Battle with Tactical Helmets for Airsoft Players

Airsoft Tactical Helmet

Even though helmets may not seem like a crucial piece of your airsoft equipment, they are actually quite important.

They protect you from getting hit in the head with BB pellets and can be very useful in protecting yourself during those long games.

There are many types of tactical helmets for airsoft players on the market today, but it’s essential to find one that fits well and is comfortable to wear.

You also want to make sure the helmet you choose will offer the level of protection you need.

Head protection is a must if you want to have a successful airsoft game, so be sure to invest in a good helmet. Whether you’re a new player, playing for the first time or you’re a seasoned airsoft pro, there are plenty of tactical helmets on the market today to choose from.

From ballistic helmets to tactical bump helmets – SOCOM Tactical has you covered!

Why Do Airsoft Players Wear a Helmet?

As you’d probably guess, the main reason that players wear a helmet is for protection from BBs being shot at their heads. However, there are a number of other benefits too.

  • They protect you from other objects and falls
  • They can provide tactical mounts for cameras and flashlights
  • They add to the realism

At the end of the day, airsoft is essentially a form of roleplaying. You’re playing the role of someone in a military setting, and you’d be wearing a helmet in a real-world scenario, so you should really be wearing one during airsoft.

Airsoft Tactical Helmet Covers
Own the Battle with Tactical Helmets for Airsoft Players

Types of Tactical Helmets

There are quite a few different types of tactical helmets for players to choose from. You’ll want to make your helmet choice based on your specific needs and your playstyle.

Tactical Bump Helmet

This type of helmet is almost entirely designed for tactical usage. This type of helmet can have rails and Velcro strips to attach tactical equipment to, whether they’re NVGs, flashlights, or a camera. 

We recommend:

FAST Helmets

This is short for Future Assault Shell Technology and these helmets were specifically designed in the military for spec-ops forces. They offer good protection from BBs and the environment but are rather lightweight, and many have the option of adding attachments, including facemasks and NVGs.

We recommend:

Ballistic Helmets

A ballistic helmet has been specifically designed for military or law enforcement usage and is perfectly acceptable to use in airsoft. However, it’s not entirely necessary other than for authenticity purposes. 

We recommend:

Full Face Helmets

You can turn many of the tactical helmets into full-face helmets using attachable masks and visors. However, there is a much more affordable option that simply provides the wearer with protection for their face from BBs and flying debris.

We recommend:

Helmet Covers

You can further customise your helmets by utilising what is known as a helmet cover. These are very useful additions to a helmet, whether it’s a ballistic or FAST helmet. 

They attach to a helmet, offering added attachment slots as well as changing the aesthetic of the helmet itself. This is usually done to match your camo to a new area, as a lot of players will have different camos for different environments. 

We recommend:

How to Choose a Tactical Helmet

This entirely depends on what you want from your tactical helmet. A simple bump helmet will suffice if you just want protection and don’t have many attachments.

If, however, you are looking for something with a bit more weight or even authenticity, then you could opt for a ballistic helmet.

Popular Tactical Helmet Features

There are a number of very useful features for tactical helmets, and to give you a better sense of what is on offer, check out the list of features below.


The fabric of a tactical helmet can vary significantly from helmet to helmet, and some will come with minimal or even no fabric, allowing you to choose your own using camo helmet covers which allows for extra customisation.


These strips of Velcro can have various lightweight attachments added to them to improve functionality. You can attach important patches designating your role, as well as beacons or strobe lights. 

Side Rails

These rails are found on most tactical helmets and provide a secure mounting space for useful items in the field. This is usually in the form of a flashlight or side armour.


These bungee cords can be attached through and around the top of the helmet to provide an added equipment space for certain attachments. They can also work to stabilise front-mounted attachments like NVGs so that they stay in place and don’t get in the way.

NVG Mounts (Night Vision)

Your NVG mount sits at the front of your helmet, allowing you to fold the NVGs up to the top of your head and down in front of your eyes when you need enhanced vision in the darkness, whether that’s outside at night or in an unlit building. 

Airsoft Tactical Helmet Accessories
Own the Battle with Tactical Helmets for Airsoft Players

Tactical Helmet Care & Maintenance

Looking after your equipment is obviously important, and while your helmet might be designed to be sturdy and durable, it still requires some care to ensure longevity. 

Each helmet is different so before you start cleaning, check the manual that came with your specific model to avoid doing any damage. You can take most helmets apart almost entirely, cleaning each individual part.

Search for cracks, loose parts, and general wear and tear so that you can further decide what to do to take care of the helmet. If you see a crack, you’ll want to make sure it’s fixed up before you start your next match to avoid making the problem worse.

Wearing Goggles with Your Tactical Helmet

This is something you have very little choice about as every player is required to wear goggles during an airsoft game. Many clubs will have very strict rules, even excluding players for the day if they remove their goggles during a match.

You can find some very comfortable goggles, and some are even designed to work with tactical helmets themselves. Don’t forget to use some anti-fog spray to reduce the chance of getting obscured vision.

We recommend:


When it comes to choosing a helmet for airsoft, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, there is a lot of variety. It entirely comes down to your wants and needs, rather than regulations, however.

As long as you’re wearing the required protection in the form of goggles, you can choose a helmet to match your desired loadout and appearance.


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