The Best Airsoft Blogs to Read

Best Airsoft Blogs

Best Airsoft blogs other than ours!

Airsoft International Magazine

This blog, which takes articles from the Airsoft International Magazine for their website, is a good place to start for beginners or for people who want to learn about the world of Airsoft before they dive into it. The blog gives a run-down of the different types of guns, rifles and gear available, the advantages of each one and it explains in great detail how these weapons work. It is good for beginners as it offers plenty of guidance to help you tackle and understand the jargon surrounding Airsoft as well as the rules of owning Airsoft weapons. The Best Airsoft Blogs to Read

Airsoft Society

While this blog writes about things that are commonplace to consider in Airsoft, it tackles some less obvious issues that will only become apparent if it happens to you. They have articles dedicated to treating injuries and wounds although not all of it is relevant for UK players such as what happens if you come into contact with poison ivy but it is good to see the advice is out there for instances like that. As well as publishing their own blog articles, the Airsoft Society website makes use of forums for Airsoft players, at any experience level, being able to ask for and receive advice from fellow players. It is fitting therefore that the site should be referred to as a society as it is a blog that encourages people to share their experiences or give advice, creating an Airsoft community where people help one another out.

Black Rams Airsoft

This blog is unapologetically focussed on reviewing Airsoft guns in-depth rather than discussing Airsoft as a whole.
The common template for them is to take 3 AEG rifles and compare them.
It may require you to read other blogs first to gain an understanding of the different components of rifles as it doesn’t take time to explain the importance of the different features. Everything about the rifle is discussed, from gearboxes and recoil to how realistic the rifle feels to hold in your hands. It is a good place if you can’t decide between rifles but you’ll have to make sure you know what they are talking about first.

Popular Airsoft

This blog brings together all aspects of Airsoft into one place. They offer detailed features on Airsoft issues while also keeping up to date with the latest Airsoft news as well as reviewing Airsoft weapons and tactical gear. This blog also offers video demonstrations for a number of guns and rifles to showcase weapons and give the viewer an idea of the strength, size and range of a particular weapon. While other blogs have a backlog of articles to make up for their lack of new articles, this blog is constantly updated with more news, reviews, features and videos so you can keep going back for more.

Airsoft and MilSim News Blog

Despite the news being in the name, this blog covers all things Airsoft as well. Gun reviews are detailed and are quite a long read but the information is broken up and presented well. This blog can call on some important names to interview in the Airsoft world from tactical gear manufacturers to Airsoft Event managers, to provide the readers with information from an expert. They also report on Airsoft events where new weapons and gear are presented and tested to give you a sneak peek at what to expect in the near future.

Femme Fatale Airsoft

This blog is unique for a couple of reasons.
Firstly it is a female-focused blog.
Secondly, it was founded by Kelly Hardwick who has a constant presence on the blog, it is rare to see such a personal touch for a blog like this. Kelly lives and breathes Airsoft, running the blog while still taking part in skirmishes when she can and articles can be found where she discusses how she first fell in love with Airsoft. This makes the site both informative and engaging. Reviews of guns, gears and events make up the bulk of the blog’s content for those who know what they are after while there are also ‘How to’ articles to help less experienced Airsoft players along the way.  

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