The Best Airsoft Sites Have These 3 Things

The Best Airsoft Sites Have These 3 Things

Airsoft includes much more than just running around in the woods. The very best airsoft sites have much, much more…

Airsoft sites need to be able to meet all of our airsoft needs. From engaging and exciting maps and gameplay, to the simpler things in life, such as food and drink.

There are a lot of decent sites across the UK, but the best do all share these three qualities:


Whether it’s in the game types or maps, variety is the spice of life. The best airsoft sites keep things fresh and exciting by having a variety of maps. They are always finding interesting things to do with them, from mixing up game modes to hosting night events as well as daytime ones.

The best airsoft sites have a mix of indoor and outdoor maps. This allows you to flex your CQB skills when you’ve had enough of shooting at distant targets. A variety of map types demands an expanded skill set when it comes to tactical ability and strategy, making every visit to the site a thrilling one.

2. Friendliness

The airsoft community is vocal, supportive and very active. The best airsoft sites embrace and promote a positive community atmosphere by being friendly, inclusive and helpful. Every member of staff at the best airsoft sites is knowledgeable, helpful and reliable. They are especially supportive of new players.

This is important because new blood is the way to preserve our past time for the future. The best airsoft sites are patient and helpful for new players, so they feel at home and have a good time. The best sites also encourage an inclusive atmosphere and don’t let cliques or boisterous individuals run the show. Make no mistake, running an airsoft site is hard, but getting the staff with the right attitude makes things run much smoother.

3. Facilities

Finally, the best airsoft sites have great facilities. Good, drink, repairs, airsoft upgrades & accessories, they have it all and deliver it well. Anyone can set up a snack bar, but the best airsoft sites ensure plenty of seating, accommodate for all weathers  and provide a wide range of food options.

Great facilities are essential. They’re one of those things that you never notice unless they’re awful. If they are awful, they can ruin an otherwise great day. There’s nothing like a soggy burger to put a downer on a victory. After an intense and exhilarating CQB match, you want something satisfying to eat. Maybe even a cheeky pint!

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