Tokyo Marui MP7

A brand new class of airsoft gun is released in the market. MP7 Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) is new design with both light weight & performance integrated. A solution for combat troops, special units, staff personnel, drivers, medical staff, logistic troops & military police.

tokyo marui mp7




  • Popular in both its Electric and Gas Blowback variations, Tokyo Marui’s MP7 platforms are supported by tonnes of aftermarket upgrades and accessories. The Gas Blowback variant is one of the most popular airsoft platforms to convert to HPA, due to its dramatic and realistic recoil in such a compact package. They make for excellent primary weapons in high-speed loadouts, and can often be seen dominating at CQB sites in skilled hands. The collapsible stock runs the length of the receiver, allowing it to be completely tucked away for storage, or for use in extremely close engagements. 

    If you play during the colder seasons and are concerned about the performance of the gas version, fear not: Tokyo Marui are renowned for their extremely reliable gas-powered guns that will allow you to play all-year-round. If you’re still not convinced to delve into the world of Gas Blowback, then the AEP version is no slouch. It bears an almost identical exterior but lacks a recoil system: something a large group of players prefer.



  • Gas Blow Back Submachine Gun with Fully & Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode
  • Each cycling will open & close the bolt cover
  • Ambidextrous firing selector fit for both left/right hand user
  • 3 Position Retractable Metal Stock is versatile for all close quarter situation
  • Metal RIS Picatinny rail allow attachment of flashlight & laser sight
  • Full metal front & rear Sight with distance adjustable & foldable
  • Come with 40 round long magazine
  • HOP UP is equipped and located inside the ejector port cover (Pull up the Trigger to adjust HOP UP)
  • Counter-clockwise 12mm is able to attach any barrel extension tube (sil.) (Come with the Silencer Adaptor) (12mm CCW)
  • Sling hook is located on both left & right, Good for both RIGHT & LEFT Handed Player

We advise using Abbey 144a in the summer or Abbey Predator (Red) when colder, Using higher power gas in the Summer can cause damage.  

About the real Weapon MP7 A1

The Heckler & Koch MP7 (German: Maschinenpistole 7) is a personal defense weapon chambered for the HK 4.6×30mm armor-piercing cartridge designed by German defence manufacturer Heckler & Koch.

It was designed (together with the new cartridge) to meet NATO requirements published in 1989, which called for an SMG-type weapon with a greater capacity to defeat Kevlar body armour (versus pre-existing submachine guns using conventional pistol cartridges such as .45 ACP and 9×19mm Parabellum).

The MP7 went into production in 2001, and is a direct rival to the FN P90, also developed in response to NATO’s requirement by Belgian company FN Herstal. The weapon has been revised since its introduction and the latest production variants are the MP7A1 and MP7A2.

The proliferation of cheap yet effective soft body armour has begun to make guns that fire pistol ammunition (such as Heckler & Koch’s earlier MP5 submachine gun and USP pistol) ineffective. In response to this trend, Heckler & Koch designed the MP7 (along with the cancelled UCP pistol, which uses the same ammunition) to penetrate soft body armour while being small enough to be used in place of either a pistol or a submachine gun.