Top 10 Airsoft Revolver Models For Airsoft Skirmishes

umarex elite force h8r revolver gen 2 black

There are tons of different airsoft revolver models on the market, all offering and promising different kinds of experiences. So how are you supposed to decide which one to get?

Differing from airsoft pistols, a revolver carries less ammunition in its barrel but functions with simpler mechanics, reducing harmful recoil and the likelihood of malfunction whilst improving accuracy. Airsoft revolvers are high-quality guns that are great for long or short-range fire.

Revolvers also remove the need to invest in a large magazine collection to replace constantly worn handgun essentials.

We’ve listed our 10 favourite revolvers to inform your next target practice and up your airsoft game. Read on to learn their different performances and find the handgun to suit you.

ASG Dan Wesson 715 – 6″ Revolver

With precision mechanics and perfect grip, this gun is one of the finest in the airsoft market. Including a speed loader and six cartridges with a rear sight, this revolver outshines any airsoft pistol for a beginner’s use.

The full metal heavy-duty barrel provides stability, whilst a hammer design improves thumb grip, keeping you secure and steady.

King Arms 6” Python 357 Custom I

King Arms is a leading airsoft weapons manufacturer. We stock this specific airsoft gun replica for its textured rubber grip, metal fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight.

The decorative golden plate provides a stylish outward look on a highly accurate pistol for use in an intense airsoft skirmish.

This CO2-powered handgun boasts an impressive fire rate and a redesign to ensure its inner processes don’t hinder its realistic look.

King Arms 2.5” Python 357 Custom I

This 2.5” airsoft revolver is incredibly lightweight yet packs a punch on its high fire rate of BB pellets.

The gun’s full metal construction aids its effectiveness and attractive design. Like its 6″ Python counterpart, the revolver features a stylish CNC hollow barrel for a truly unique look.

The texturised grip offers an ergonomic solution to offer maximum comfort and efficiency for a truly high-performance airsoft weapon.

King Arms SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver M

The concrete, rigid feel of this wholly metal revolver allows shooters to do fast action confidently. The metal hammer offers an assured strike on the gas outlet valve, operating in a single action.

It features a grip that offers firm hold and control, for minimum pull and a successful shoot. Aim and shoot with confidence and skill and reload easily with the metal cylinder inlet.

King Arms 6” Python 357 (Gas version)

Using green gas as a propellant, this airsoft revolver gun shoots hard, fast and in an extremely lifelike way.

Excellent for precision shooting, with two sights, this gun makes any airsoft player feel like a pro.

There is an easy-to-reach safety button to lock up the weapon to avoid accidental fire and its wood effect handle offers grip and a sleek and stylish finish.

Wingun/Elite Force H8R Revolver

A modern and mean-looking revolver, the Elite Force H8R is built from polymer and powered by CO2, ideal for use in skirmishes.

With a fire rate of 300 FPS, this gun offers high power for a winning performance.

The H8R’s picatinny mounts allow for torches and even small grenade launchers to be mounted for versatile play that gives your opponents something to remember.

Chiappa Rhino 50DS Co2 Revolver 5″ 

Incredibly well-built and officially licensed, this revolver takes place as a modern ergonomic airsoft weapon.

This revolver airsoft gun boasts fibre optic sights for improved aim.

As an added bonus, it accepts Wingun/Dan Wesson 357 type shells both high and low power, allowing you a more versatile airsoft kit.

Umarex/Elite Force H8R Revolver Gen 2

A truly unique performer, the H8R Gen 2 revolver is a mean-looking, high-performing airsoft gun.

It features a light total weight of 680g, owing to its polymer body and grip. The single and double-action operation allows for 270 FPS, making this a fast-acting gun.

The H8R revolver Gen 2 will work using single-action (where you pull back the hammer for each shot) or double-action (where you pull the trigger and the hammer pulls itself back). Top and bottom picatinny rails offer the option to attach a range of reinforcements, keeping you prepared and set up for the win.

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Wingun Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Revolver (6mm)

With a super high fire rate of 340 FPS, this revolver is far superior in reliability and build quality compared to that of competitors.

It’s CO2-powered and dons an aged paint finish making this airsoft revolver not only feel uniquely great but feels it as you hold the plastic grip.

The Wingun Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Revolver comes with 6 shells to set you up nicely for your first use and is  the go-to airsoft revolver for unbeatable high performance.

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If there’s one thing to note from this guide, it’s that an airsoft revolver is one of the best choices for a backup weapon to add to your loadout! Our vast range includes all the best high-performance guns from top airsoft brands including… WinGun, Chiappa and Dan Wesson – are guaranteed to give you that extra edge in your next skirmish.

So, what’s the wait? Pick your favourite revolver from this list, place an order with us online and be the boss in your next airsoft battle.


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